Information for international Students in Austria

Dear fellow students!

On the occasion of the student representative elections that are taking place May 16 – 18, we would like to take this chance to inform you about our views and plans:

KSV-LiLi (Kommunistischer Student_innenverband – Linke Liste) has been the only group that stands left from the red (VSSTÖ) and green (GRAS) groups and is part of the coalition at ÖH Uni Wien. We view our group as radically democratic, that means that we don’t have hierarchies or leaders and everyone who is interested can participate.

As undogmatic communist group we have managed to make feminist, antidiscriminatory, antifascist and antiracist politics a reality. Also, in the last 16 years, we have managed to push the ÖH Uni Wien further to the left – as you can see when comparing ÖH Uni Wien to the national level of ÖH. There, we have one mandate and are an oppositional force.

Our plans for the next two years: We will continue to fight against access restrictions, student fees and the economization of education. The fact that students are not a secluded societal group, but are also women*, migrants, workers etc. is very important to us. That’s why sociopolitical activism is a must! Considering the societal conditions in Austria, a sociopolitically active ÖH is necessary!

Some focus points:

* Open ÖH:

We strive for student representatives from different branches of study and different faculties to be able to participate on the level of university representation. This process and other projects should enable everyone who is interested to participate in the work of ÖH. For a bottom to top democratization!

* Against discrimination of foreign students

In Austrian higher education system many measures are discriminating students form outside of the EU. KSV-LiLi wants to abolish all student fees and we will try to implement free german language courses. Racist structures within Austrian society need to be fought with all measures!

* Strengthening of civil society and the left through the ÖH

The societal circumstances in this country are catastrophic. We stand for an ÖH that demands, supports and promotes antiracist, feminist and emancipatory initiatives – within the realm of student life and beyond. For an ÖH that actively pushes societal changes!

* A political and progressive ÖH:

The right wing student representatives have been aiming for the abolition of the sociopolitical mandate! We think it is important that the ÖH is capable of acting politically. Education and social politics don’t function seperated from societal circumstances. In defense of the sociopolitical mandate!

From May 16th to 18th: Vota Comunista! – KSV-LiLi – for a left ÖH!



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